The journey of our craftsmanship

web design for KINETIK
Digital Design


Clean and modern web profile design showcasing KINETIK information through high performing responsive landing page.


Invesmart Account Management

Raise the financial education platform awareness across social media platforms, FB Page, Twitter, and mainly on Instagram.

Brand Identity - PT AMKA (Persero)

PT AMKA (Persero) Brand Identity

PT AMKA (Persero) has decided to rejuvenate its corporate identity. Began with having a modern and clean look company profile video, and trifold brochures

UI/UX Lumbungku
Digital Design

Lumbungku Mobile App UI/UX

Mobile app UI design for Lumbungku, a P2P lending platform to ensure the best possible application experience for the users.

Interior - 1
Digital Design

Interior Design – Mrs. DN

A natural clean modern fresh look using natural elements as the highlight. Creating calming and homey vibes inside the house.