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Your website often becomes the first interaction point that people have with your company. It means the website design needs to be as beautiful, functional, and recognizable as it can be.

A brilliant website is more than just design and code. It’s a whole combination of strategy, concepts, and goals that can only be achieved with solid planning. Hence, to have a better preparation of the website strategy we will build ahead, here are some essential variables that you can think of before the thorough website strategy session with our website experts.

1. Sitemap and User Journey

Websites with lots of content can be tricky to structure. Thus, making a priority list of your business information and clustering them into different categories can be a good start. We’ll help plan out your information architecture and the content hierarchy so the users won’t get lost in your website which means your loss of making profit.

2. Target Audience

A website’s design depends entirely on who it’s for, not a design that is “made for everyone”. You can start with define the audience’s age group, language, and interest. We’ll help emphasize the approach around demographics, audience interest correlation, and more.

3. Look and Feel

Your website should look distinct, not just an ordinary template-look website. Therefore, we will make the most out of your brand guidelines, or if you don’t have any we can help to rejuvenate the brand. We will assist you in figuring out what your site should look like, by what inspires you and what should we avoid.

4. Goals and Analytics

The success of a website is defined by its goals. Where are we sending users? What’s the call to action? How do we streamline this flow? We’ll help you sort out your analytics setup and define where you get your data from, moreover, we can make tailored report data to match your website objective.

7. Communication

Your website delivers information in various ways through images, videos, and texts. Writing quality words for your website is essential to both navigation and showcasing your identity. Our principle is to deliver conscious and clear messages throughout the website.

8. Website Development

Development is the last checkpoint before launching your very own website. Our developers and designers work together to make the experience and process feel as compelling as possible.

By defining these variables in advance, it will gives us a better starting point during the developing website strategy discussion.

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