IDX, Dominated by Millennials and Gen-Z investors. How can a company seize this opportunity?

IDX Millennials domination

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unexpected growth in newly joined investors on IDX to reach 9,1 million total investors in June 2022. By demographic, it is mainly dominated by Gen-Z investors (below 30 years old) with 60% of total investors followed by Millennials (31-40 years old) with 22%. The PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) has recorded that these two age groups contribute to total assets amounting to Rp 144,07 trillion per June 2022.

So how a company can utilize this opportunity, especially for a company planning on conducting IPO to attract more investors to buy the shares.

Build convenient and professional access of information

The majority of young investors are aware of good financial literacy, thus they put more concern over the company’s business profile and performance without blindly following what the crowd says.

Thus, ensuring the company’s information ease of access is a top priority. Whether it is in the form of a responsive website or attractive prospectus design. Moreover, pay attention to the company’s professional visual appearance, as youngsters heavily judge a company’s credibility through how the information are being conveyed.

Emphasize unique identity

Start to put more attention on having a consistent brand identity across channels, whether on publishers, social media activities, or other brand presence. A brand identity that matches well with the company’s vision will leverage public trust, which will lead to many positive impacts on the company.

Prepare Annual and Sustainability Report professionally

As the company’s performance and future projection will be thoroughly explained in the Annual and Sustainability Report, ensure the contents of these reports are well-prepared and delivered transparently and accountable.

This article Strategi lengkap menyusun Sustainability Report can give you a better understanding of the report preparations.

A company’s Annual and Sustainability Report presented in an unprofessional visual appearance will raise a big question among the shareholders and stakeholders about whether the company is managed professionally.

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